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Love WordPress, and the iPhone and WordPress

On the train with my wife on our way up to the city to do some Xmas retail therapy.

Just love technology. Decided to check out the App’s on my iPhone and noticed the WordPress App needed updating (haven’t used it for a while) and within 30 seconds I was making a post direct to my website from my iPhone. Love WordPress… And my iPhone.

Now, what to make a post about?

The fact that I’m zooming along at 130 kmh passing the freeway traffic with my feet up relaxing on the train with my wife…

Woops… My wife is giving me “one of those looks” so it looks like it’s time for me to put my toy away.

Just finishing my sweet… I can even take a photo’s and upload them straight to my site with the new version. Could take a pic of my wife and the train but the tunnel might cause a connection issue plus my wife’s looking at me again and she might whack me so I’m outa here.

Peter Butler

A passionate person known to be a serious “hobbiest” with a must for drinking only G.O.D Coffee (Ground On Demand). Love “Making Websites Work”, hence “Smarter Websites” by converting dead dormant websites into profitable websites… one at a time if necessary!

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