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How Many Pages of Your Website Has Google Been To?

A quick simple exercise to see how many pages the mighty Google has “indexed” or visited on your website.

How much of “you” does the world really see? Well worth keeping a check on.

Some folk think that just because your website is “live” and you’re getting some web traffic that Google have been there. Not necessarily so.

This subject came up again while we were doing a rebuild for a client. I like to do a “status report” before we even touch a thing. I mean, how can rave about how well a site is ranking if I don’t have a starting point?

The first thing I do is check how many pages are “indexed”. How many pages does Google “see”?

Here’s how to find out –

  • Open up your browser window, Firefox, Internet Explorer, whatever.
  • Go to Google.
  • In the search window type in

In the case of our client it was this

and guess what? This was the result that came back

– Your search – – did not match any documents.

So if someone searches for Annette Stanton on the internet will they find her? Umm, NO! Well, not her website anyway.

How can they? Google don’t even recognise this as a website yet! And get this. The site has been live for nearly a year!

What did I find? Annette’s Facebook profile!

I’ll update you in another post and show you how quickly we get a heap of pages “indexed” by Google. We’re doing an indepth case study of Annette’s site – The “4 Week Website Work Over”.

So do a check now on your own site. Remember, in Google search put in –

Let me know what you find and how many pages you have indexed!

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