Top Rankings in Google in Only 14 Days!

Top Rankings in Google in Only 14 Days!

boxing-man-300I just got off the phone with yet another rapt client. Jim’s site is only 14 days old, as in like the domain name was only registered 17 days ago – It’s a brand newie.

The reason I’m clarifying that it because quite a few of our clients have us rebuild their site which means the domain has been around for a while and Google has probably been there before, albeit not often.

You can find out easily if your site has been ‘indexed’ (visited) by Google!

… and even how many pages are indexed.

I had another client who had a domain registered for 9 months, they had a static holding page with their contact details and it got left like that for another 8 months.

I always like to do a bit of homework on a site before I change even one thing – Hey, you can’t measure a big improvement unless you have a starting point and a bench mark right?

It turns out that even after 8 months this site had not been indexed; now that’s sad.

Now, me being the show off that I am we took that site from obscurity, and I mean total website no-mans land, if Google doesn’t know the site even exists then how can it show up in any search results… ummm, it can’t!

Anyway, from obscurity to having 8 pages indexed within 5 days (there was only 8 pages at that stage) and I’ve just checked it now and all 40 pages are indexed… and only 3 days ago. I can’t give you the URL ‘cause the client watches his traffic closely and he’d kill me, sorry.

That’s why the “Smarter WebSites” model is so awesome.

Have a listen to what Jim says on this audio, he’s a very happy man let me tell you.

Back to the pages index check – put this in the Google Search Bar (not the address bar)

site:www.yourdomainname.extension (obviously your domain name with the extension)

you will then get the results displayed like this in the top right corner

so for me that’s

These are my results

Results 1 – 10 of about 78 from (0.04 seconds)

So Google recognize that I have 78 pages. Don’t give me grief about my own site, I know, a few leaks here and there. It’s like the proverbial mechanics car – always left till last.

As a side note, my own sites get indexed every day – the Google Gods have smiled upon me! That’s what the “Smarter WebSites” System will do for your site.

So for Jim – not only is he Page 1 in Google but position 2 and 3…

Click here to listen in to Jim and I, you’ll pick up a tip on lead generation for your own site – “Like why else would you have a site but if not to generate leads, and then qualified leads at that?

You’d be amazed at how many people forget that!

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