I have finally achieved my dream of making money while I sleep.

The dream of making money while you sleep.

Isn’t this the ultimate dream? Making money while we sleep… or sitting in our underwear at the kitchen table (probably not a good look for me).

Here’s a rave from David Osborne who did just that. David and I started the ‘make money online journey’ around the same time. We were actually in the same mastermind group where there was more players than winners and the short story version is I left that group, took what I knew and went to work.

David and I became friends through our similar journey and teamed up on getting his website and product to the market.

I have finally achieved my dream of making money while I sleep.

You told me when you first achieved ‘the dream’ of making money while you sleep “It is the ultimate feeling. To make money while you sleep or as the old line goes – make money sitting at the kitchen table in your underwear is absolutely the best” – and you were right… it is the ultimate!

You were also right about the journey – it’s a hard one that so many supposed ‘guru’s’ make out is easy and there are so many pieces to the puzzle and I am jusdavid-osborne-3t so grateful for your help through every phase.

So many people make it sound so easy yet I learnt the reality is the same as any business – it takes effort and to fast track it all, well – that’s what you brought to the picture, the right marketing knowledge, web strategies and clear thinking.

From the sales letter critiques to the website design and set up with the auto responder automation and all the marketing advice through to all the social media marketing and positioning techy bits.

I’ve just broken the $15,000 of sales in a single month. I’m now looking at how I can now take that to the next level so thanks for the call and those new leveraging ideas.

David Osborne – Managing Director of Profitable Personnel and now Online Entreprenuer and Author of “Successful Salon Staff Recruitment – How To Get the Right Staff First Time Round”.

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