My Wordpress "Smarter Website" Gives Me Credibility... Without "Trying To Sell"

Gives Me Credibility… Without “Trying To Sell”

Just had this email in from James, thought you’d appreciate the irony. “Don’t sell and they’ll buy!”

Hi Peter,

Just thought I’d drop you a note to let you know what has been happening with my web site –

Originally I thought that it would be for selling my services, I envisaged using adwords etc. to generate traffic and gain clients from that.

What I have noticed however, is that it is working in a very different way.


When I meet someone and give them my card or a complimentary session coupon, or even do a mail out or any other promotion locally, they generally go online to get a good feel for who I am and how I can maybe help them in their unique situation.

It helps give me credibility as there are a lot of relevant articles & videos to check out that give valuable information WITHOUT TRYING TO SELL.

It is a brilliant relationship building tool that actually sells by not selling!

How about that! All I do is keep adding material and subscribers and let what is now my new process work.

Thanks again Peter,


Jim Bryden

Business Development Manager & Productivity Coach

Mob: 0421 210 444

Peter Butler

A passionate person known to be a serious “hobbiest” with a must for drinking only G.O.D Coffee (Ground On Demand). Love “Making Websites Work”, hence “Smarter Websites” by converting dead dormant websites into profitable websites… one at a time if necessary!

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