2 New Deals In the First Week from my Smarter Website!

2 New Deals Just In the First Week!

In our BNI meetings (Business Network International) we have a raps, recaps and referrals session.

Basically where we get to share how much interaction we’ve had (dance cards) to find out more about each others business, as well as the referrals and closed business we’ve generated for each other.

Also an opportunity to acknowledge one another. Sharon Davids of S & D Settlements pops up last week and gave me the following rap.

“Since my website has been up and running only 1 week I emailed the link to many of my business contacts, friends and family to show off my fab new website.

And in a few days I have already had 2 new deals generated from this! So the website really does work!

A big thanks to Peter @ Smarter Websites!”

Sharon Davids

Licensed Settlement Agent


PO Box A20 Thornlie  WA  6110

p/ 9490 8744  f/ 9490 8766



BNI is a very focussed and well structured organisation. I reckon our group has awesome dynamics too.

The week before Sharon had given me a rap just after her website went live. Looks like one of those unanimous things, she’s rapt, I’m rapt, it’s unanimous, motion carried 😆

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