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Lead Generation on Auto Pilot by Peter Butler of Smarter Websites

little-green-irish-manJames was absolutely rapt that already he’s generated 2 leads from his new “Smarter Websites” System and one of those ‘qualified’ leads has converted into a client already.

You need to understand that James hasn’t actually done any active offline marketing yet!!!

What does that mean in MONEY TERMS? Well, I’m not at liberty of disclosing James’ numbers but let’s use a nominal average client spend of say… $1500 to you over a set time frame. Is that a figure that you can relate to?

So even if you only pulled 4 leads a month (with no actual active marketing as such). Do the math! With only a 25% conversion, which is easy to achieve ’cause they’re ‘qualified’ leads that would be $18,000. Not bad when you’ve not done any active offline marketing yet and you haven’t yet got your sales pipeline finished. Gee, I think the recession is only affecting those who don’t do active direct response lead generation marketing.

Imagine when you’re up and running with this automated system you are pulling say, only 100 leads a month of which only half are warm leads. Of those only half again are what I call  “qualified” (actual shoppers) which is 25. Let’s halve that again to 12 that are what I call “highly qualified” (spend money soon). What if you only convert half again to actual clients – that’s 6 @ our nominal figure of $1500 = $9,000.

Who Wants $9,000 a Month From Effortless Auto Pilot Marketing?

You can see how much of a happy chappy James is with Peter Butler’s “Smarter Websites” (Yes, we are in a pub but it was work, dear. We really were in a ‘mastermind’ session at JB O’Reilly’s pub – great people the Irish)

Anyway, watch the video.

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Peter Butler

A passionate person known to be a serious “hobbiest” with a must for drinking only G.O.D Coffee (Ground On Demand). Love “Making Websites Work”, hence “Smarter Websites” by converting dead dormant websites into profitable websites… one at a time if necessary!

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