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The Team

Hi, I’m Peter Butler.

I’m the Founder and Director of Smart Mortgage Marketing.

Our “highly qualified” lead generation and marketing system for brokers generates a highly profitable ‘stream’ of new clients. It positions you as the expert and the “go to broker guru” in your area and runs alongside any strong referral system and ends all those lame, frustrating and sometimes costly prospecting methods.

All those in favour of that say ‘AYE’

I love, live and work in Western Australia.

You can read what some of our clients say about us, it’s all good.

You’re Absolutely Safe with Our 100% Money Back “Risk Is On Us” Guarantee!

You’ll love what the Smart Mortgage Marketing program will do for your business or…

You get your money back. It’s really that simple.

If after 12 months you have not made at least 3 times your investment in potential commissions from leads made through your new lead generation system then we will refund every cent of the cost.

This is a “straight out you make money or we give it all back deal”.

We can’t be any fairer than that… You either make money from the “Smart Mortgage Marketing” system or it costs you NOTHING.

Obviously you need to show us that you were actually pro-active with your offline marketing but you will have been anyway. You need to do something to get a result, right?

We’ll even take down the site and all the material in a jiff at no cost to you.

This really is a “You Make Money or None of Us Do” deal!

There is no risk to you whatsoever!

John Denton’s catch cry and passion is “Building Business’ For Sale or Lifestyle”. John sums it up well in that people mostly started their business for a ‘lifestyle’ reason and then somehow became a ‘slave’ to the business at some level.

A big time Star Wars fan John Denton is our “Jedi” knight and his core question… “What’s the objective here?” cuts straight to the bone and stops us from going over ‘to the dark side’ in all our entrepreneurial ‘flair and creativity’.

That objectiveness converts into manageable, implementable and focussed tasks that help us and many others move forward in their business with great momentum.

For those who know the ‘Jedi’ ways John also lives by the “Do… or do not… there is no try” which translates into massive action.

Mark Fregnan is fondly known as the “Hammer”. His no nonsense business analysis can hit you hard if you’re not ready for it.

Mark’s expertise in Direct Response Marketing is extensive as is his repertoire in success stories.

Mark has an uncanny ability to read numbers quickly and develop a personal and custom business growth system for any business and is a valuable member of the team. Mark has a passion for ‘automation’ like no other.

Clients love his no nonsense business audit ‘hammer’ appraisals. As an Advisory Board member Mark brings a balance with his ‘numbers nous’.

“Master of Staff” is David Osborne’s forte. Getting the Right Staff, First Time Round is a part of David’s selection, recruitment and performance expertise.

David can sift and sort applicants for the right position as well as qucikly audit and identify shortfalls in performance and management.

David is gifted in Direct Response Marketing too and is a multi talented man as he is known for running successful meetings and training sessions.

David has authored “The Profitable Personnel Pack for Salon Owners” along with a host of other guides.

A focus and clarity is what David is valued for as an Advisory Board member.

david-glendinningDavid is what we consider to be a terminal “Direct Response Marketer” with over a decade ‘in the trenches’ at coaching, implementing and actioning. David now specializes in website design that boosts big bucks for Direct Response Marketers.

His “cut to the chase” style with critiquing marketing pieces and web sites has earned David the reputation as the “Smiling Assassin”. Watch out if you don’t have a name capture on your site, you will suffer the ‘wrath’.

With David on board as an Advisory Board member his broad skillset in business building, direct resonse marketing and web site design is certainly an asset to the team.

Picture of David Tayler soon

David is our “die hard and analyze it to death” WebSite Engineer.
Even when the task is done he’ll pull it apart to test it just to make sure it doesn’t break so we refer to to David as the “The Analyst”.

David tech knowledge is extensive but he’s a rare ‘geek’ – when he explains how something works you actually understand. A word of warning – don’t ask lightly because you will get an explanation.

David’s input and implementation are invaluable to the ‘clockwork’ stucture of our business.