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e-lesson 7 – Social Media Marketing Success e-series

How To Increase Your Circle of Influence and Get “Friends”.


From yesterday you’ve had some insight into getting your social media profiles set up better. Let’s get into increasing your circle of influence.

The more “friends” or connections you make, the more buzz you’ll generate.

Some people when they get started believe they have to actually really know the person to say yes to a “friend request”. Yes, obviously you want to have a heap of people you do know one on one.

But you also want to increase your circle of influence. Most of the people requesting will be friends of friends so there will be a mutual friend,  contact or connection anyway. You want your circle of influence to be beneficial to you or for you and you never know where a hot lead or referral will come from.

The fastest and easiest way to start your on-line social network is to import and upload your contact list to find and “connect” with the people you actually do know.

Social media is also a great way to stay in touch with your existing clients and prospects. It’s easy to track what’s going on in their lives and check in with them periodically. To find your existing relationships, try uploading your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, or wherever you store your contacts.

Follow leaders in your field and watch your connections grow.

Facebook: from Facebook.com, select Friends, then Invite Friends

Twitter: from Twitter.com, select Find People, then Find on other networks

LinkedIn: from LinkedIn, select Contacts, then Add Connections

If you want to build your network in a niche I’ve done a video here on how to build a list in a niche on FaceBook.

So get to building your list and get some “friends” so you have a bigger audience and more chance of referrals.

Here’s what happened for Mark Fregnan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting of Kinetic Media Marketing –

Mark-Fregnan“I’ve had my website for 5 years now and have generated a trickle of leads from it – around one per month.”

Since having my site rebuilt by Peter B Butler from Smarter Websites just in the last 6 days I’ve generated 5 leads and all for free.

You were right, this is the way to go with websites and lead generation.

Thanks for coaxing me (actually, beating me into submission) into doing it ‘your’ way.”

Mark Fregnan – Kinetic Media Marketing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the e-series so far.

Next up we’ll cover how you should communicate and traps to avoid! Don’t make this mistake!

Committed To Your Success,

Peter B Butler.


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