Search Engine Optimisation

Performance SEO & Ranking

With the performance SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and ranking optimisation module we drill down into your competition. We find out what they’re doing well, find out what they’re getting wrong and do it all a whole heap better.

Performance SEO & Ranking - Smarter Websites

Performance SEO & Ranking

  • Competition Analysis
  • Website Position & Tracking Reports
  • Meta Data Drill Down
  • SEO Master Toolbox (7 Success Keys)
  • ‘ON’ Site Optimisation & ‘OFF’ Site Optimisation

We’ve taken websites from page 140 in Google to page 1, within 3 weeks and they’re still there.

We’ve had traffic increases of 1428% within months and they’re still climbing. Some clients sites we’re reviewing and upgrading their bandwidth (traffic used) every single month.

You can see the raves and reviews to the right, plus check some of the awesome case studies.

We configure your website to have a score of over 85% for all the major SEO elements as outlined below. And it’s all about the score.

The mission is to not only have you appear on page 1 in Google but to have you appear multiple times on page 1, and keep you there.

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors with SEO and also a lot of false promises. We can’t guarantee you’ll be on page 1, no one can, but when we show you some of the ‘behind the scenes’ reasons why you or your competitors sites haven’t been performing you’ll be astounded.