Business Toolbox & Position Optimisation

Business Toolbox & Position Optimisation

The Business Toolbox suite puts you in a position of knowledge and power with your online success.

Business Toolbox & Position Optimisation - Smarter Websites

Business Toolbox

  • Website Configurations (Strengthen Your Online Position)
  • Premium Directory Registrations (Boost your SERP)
  • Gravatar Registration (Globally Recognised Avatar)
  • WordPress Account & Profile
  • Google Master Account – (7 Success Keys)

The Business Toolbox is designed to help your website hold a higher position in the search engine results!

Some businesses leverage from ‘some’ of the Google tools available but few have them optimised and leverage as much as they could.

We had a client who had two specific target markets. One was easy to get money from but hard work and the other was easy to deal with yet our client wasn’t sure about how big a market share they were. It was an unknown.

We were able to do some testing on his site, using the Business Toolbox, to establish that this market was in fact well worth pursuing.

In fact, the statistics showed us that the interest was at a 2:1 ratio! So twice as many people were interested in this new ‘offering’ as to the other already lucrative market! We were also surprised at the age demographics. Having this information helped this business owner make crucial decisions about the future direction of his business.

Anyway, a part of this is our secret weapon so I can’t go into more details here in print but I will in conversation.

If you’re able to ‘play the game’ to appease the mighty ‘Google Gods’ surely that’s going to help you rank better in the Google Search Results. And we have evidence that it does. See our testimonials and case studies.

Plus you’ll be equipped to identify new trends early and also find out new keyword and phrases more accurately and before your competition knows about them. That will always give you a head start.

Short story is, more accurate information means better business decisions about other future development and direction on your website and also more success online.

The business suite toolbox also helps your online profile and position be a whole lot stronger. You will see a measurable traffic increase and ranking improvement for having the business toolbox.

The extra website configurations in this toolbox appease the search engine bots and also help to make your site more visible.