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Secret # 8 of a Profitable Website:

Your Automated Response and Follow Up!

Your automated system has done the initial follow up marketing and you’re now able to address their specific needs.

Compare that to your old system… you probably would never have got their name and contact details in the first place and the percentage of how many would have contacted you directly is debatable.

As we’ll see in a few moments, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve taken your website traffic from “unknown visitors” to “identified prospects”.

That in itself is huge but it gets better.

You’ve started that prospect relationship with them and also increased your conversion from prospect to paying client using our steps. By improving the odds of them taking an action and spending money with you your cashflow has improved but the reality is that not everyone is ready to move right now.

Maybe they’re a planner and doing their homework well in advance, maybe their setting up a budget. There’ll be a myriad reasons, we just don’t know and can’t account for them all.

The point is this – you don’t know for sure when they’ll be ready and that in itself should confirm the power of this sytem. If you think for a moment that they’ll remember you when they are ready – you’re dreaming! You need to foster that relationship so when they are ready you will be the one they come to. And we’ll show very simple and powerful ways to do that but here’s another major point of why getting their details in the first place is so important.

cash-in-hand-lhThe Big Money Is In the List!

I was talking to a client myself only last week. He was a photographer and had been since he was 15, so at 58 he’d been in business 43 years. He’d been fairly successful but obviously had enough issues to be talking to me.

I suggested we create a great value add package and do a direct mail offer to his client database. “No can do” he said, “don’t have one”. After all these years he had not been building a database of clients and had basically been going from one job or project to the next.

The first part of value in any persons business is in their list, their clients, the “goodwill” component. This would have been the easiest and quickest way for him to create a cash injection into his business. Not having that has cost him dearly. If that’s you… don’t despair, there are work arounds but that’s for another session.

Not only is having a healthy client base a necessity but in today’s world the second part of value in business is in the systems you’ve set up. Your processes.

The third part of value is in your marketing systems. Because he didn’t have any of the three elements effectively he didn’t have a business but had a reasonably well paid job, albeit sporadic. That’s not to say he wasn’t successful, he was a very good photographer but he was limiting the full potential he had.

The End Game In Our Business Should Be A Cashed Up Asset!

I’ll have to finish that story off tomorrow, sorry.

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