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Secret # 7 of a Profitable Website:

Failing To Continually Test and Measure Your Marketing and Your Website.

measure-and-testThere are literally millions of decisions that go into creating marketing pieces and websites. Admittedly some are much more important than others.

First, you want to quantify your decisions.

Simply ask yourself, “Will doing it this way maximize the number of qualified leads who will identify themselves to me?”

Every decision about your marketing pieces and the design of your website — from the headline to the color and graphics to your content — can be measured against your primary goal.

(Get the maximum number of qualified buyers to identify themselves when they visit my website.)

It’s the same with your marketing ads and flyers. You can directly measure the response to those marketing pieces by the visitors to your site. You can then take it one step further and compare the visitors to your site to the actual opt-in rate for the Free Report or information.

Because the goal is quantifiable, you can test any changes to see if they produce better or worse results. Based on your tracked results, you can either keep the changes or fine tune your on or offline marketing.

Remember our core question:Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market too?

The real beauty of direct response marketing is that it allows you to test whether changes have improved the effectiveness of your marketing piece or your website or not – provided that you have built in the statistical tools needed to track the effectiveness of your modifications.

By now it shouldn’t surprise you that most marketing… or results are NEVER tested.

If you can combine direct response marketing and continual refinement through testing and tracking with the most empowering communication medium of our time, you’ve got the ultimate Smarter Websites $$$ Million Dollar Marketing Machine.

How big a difference can this make?

calculator-300hLet’s say your site gets just 50 visitors each month (this is easily achievable with a minimum of promotion). If your site doesn’t use direct response methods, you’ll be very lucky to get one prospect a month to identify themselves.

Compare this with a site that uses the best direct response techniques – multiple compelling benefits, powerful headlines, non-wimpy specific testimonials, carefully worded copy and strong guarantees.

With this type of site, the response rate can reach as high as 25% (conservatively, let’s say ten additional prospects per month).

If you convert just four of these extra prospects and your average client yearly spend is say, $1,000 you’ve just increased your yearly revenue by $52,000 – on auto pilot!

That was easy!

And you would have to agree these are very conservative numbers!

Remember, your prospect has responded to a specific marketing piece which has given you their name and contact information and that is Secret # 7!

But Wait! There is more. I actually couldn’t get it all done in 7 secrets.

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