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Secret # 6 of a Profitable Website:

Failing to Have a Clear “Offline To Online” Marketing Strategy.

dart-board-250-lMost business owners seem to have the “build it and they will come” attitude. The thinking is “I’m on the net so where’s all the leads and the clients and where’s the money?”

A lot of owners quickly become disillusioned and think this website and “internet” thing is all hype and hot air. I can’t blame them. It can be a dead duck if you don’t have an effective and precise plan to bring people to your site.

Again, business owners can get caught up with the fancy tech talk of SEO (search engine optimisation) and On and Off Page Elements and Linking Strategies, Back Links, 3 Way Links, Adwords and Video and the tech jibberish goes on and on.

ALL OF WHICH ARE VALID and need to happen I might add!

However, even when all the planets align and all these elements are in play most people forget one of the best means of getting online traffic is offline marketing. Yep, do all the online stuff, of course, but why not tap into a hugely untapped source of offline prospects?

What does “offline” marketing mean? Running ads and flyers is the most cost effective way to market and we have some strategies that will double or triple your response rates. Other “offline” marketing includes anything that is not on the internet so that might be any print media, radio, referral programs, direct mail, etc.

This will give you a distinct competitive advantage over every other business.

We have some incredibly simple yet so effective marketing pieces
that will generate a truckload of traffic
to your site
that are just so cheap to run.

With a very specific marketing piece you will even “pre-qualify” these prospects before they even get to your website and then final qualification process takes place.

What a beautiful thing! Pre-qualified and Pre-disposed prospects, it doesn’t get any better than that!

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