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Secret # 5 of a Profitable Website:

Using The Right Website Platform (and NOT using old web technology)

wordpress-27-shit-hot-300wSorry about the language in the picture but it’s true.

Here’s the thing – “People want to do business with people” and people are more skeptical than ever before.
You’ll be amazed at the simplicity of this model and the breakthrough’s you’ll achieve online.

So what does using the “Right Website Platform” actually mean? For most business owners any talk of web platforms and web 2.0 sounds confusing and techy.

It’s actually the simplest thing in the world.

In ‘punter terms’ the right website platform means we use a blogging platform that the Google Gods love and so will your prospects.

Using a blogging platform means that when new content is added to your website it ‘pings’ (sends out a message) to let the whole world know that your site has new content. Sometimes it’s mere minutes but at the most it’s hours compared to weeks or months for the old web technology.

This means that the Google Gods will smile upon you with great favour.

Effectively your site will rank higher, it will be found easier which will lead to more traffic, more leads and better conversions to paying clients.

It also means your website content is relevant and can be kept up to date in mere minutes. You can actually update your site nearly as easy as sending an email or writing and saving a word document.

WordPress (the name of the blogging platform) has been around for a while so it’s not “flash in the pan” and when you see how we personally customise and optimize your site it will be abundantly clear how easily you will draw new prospects and clients like bees to a honey pot.

More than that, your guaranteed to get your existing clients coming back over and over again. We have a few tricks up our sleeve too with strategies that will mean your clients will become a giant online referring machine for your business, while you sleep, but more on that later.

Maybe you’re pretty happy with your current website, except it just doesn’t make you much money and it just needs a tweak or three – we do lot’s of that along with converting websites over to the new platform.

This is where we are true leaders as you can read in our testimonials…

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