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Secret # 2 of a Profitable Website:

The Wrong Mindset with Websites and Marketing!

wrong-contentWhile clearly the biggest mistake that most businesses make is “image style” only marketing and websites with no meaningful or compelling content, there are many other mistakes that are made when it comes to website content.

We’ve all seen the websites with pages and pages on their site showing you the latest cool tools and all manner of information and products and packages.
These “libraries”, while possibly useful to potential clients, removes any real incentive to contact the business owner to ask a question or make a time for a consultation.

Think for a moment…

After someone has visited and reviewed your website, what would you most like them to do?

Obviously, we would all like every site visitor to leave a message that says, “Loved your website… Please can I make a time to see you… “

While this is possible, it would surely be the exception, no matter how impressive your site is.

Identifying what your client really wants is much too complex a process to close the deal right on your website. Yet, this is exactly what most businesses try to do with their websites. They are trying to “hit a home run” instead of leading their clients to first and then helping them round the bases.

The first step in developing your website is to have a focused, achievable and quantifiable primary goal. What should your primary goal be? Here’s what I recommend…

“Get the MAXIMUM number of qualified clients
to identify themselves when they visit your website.”

With this in mind, we can now develop the right content for your site to achieve this goal. First, we must find a way to get qualified clients to identify themselves.

This can be done simply by providing a Compelling Offer for FREE information or report. A Great Offer!

For example, a FREE Report on “How To Get Over Procrastination Fast” if you’re a Life Coach or “Reduce Your Debt Years Sooner & What the Banks Don’t Want You To Know” if you’re a Mortgage Broker. But this information is provided only AFTER they have identified and qualified themselves.

What if you were in Staff Recruitment? You could go with “How To Get the Right Staff the First Time Round & Save Thousands”. What if you are a great wedding photographer and you know how easy it is to get a wedding shoot wrong – “Don’t Risk Your Prescious Wedding Memories – 7 Key Questions To Make Sure You Get the Right Photographer” and the list goes on.

Don’t think I can’t nail one for you, I can, but I’m sure you can too! I have found with so many people’s websites not being profitable that “7 Secrets To a Profitable Website” has worked well for me. I provide the answers to those issues which are a pain or a problem for people. That’s how you need to think about this process.

Now, if you contrast this model with the “broker library” type of sites. In an attempt to provide a site “rich in content”, the entire text of the report would be found on the website. Why would I contact the business owner when I can simply read the report on his website?

When I’m done, I will leave the site and move on. They will never know I was there!

Another common content mistake occurs when you see a collection of links to other websites “of interest”. In most cases these links simply suck away your hard earned traffic to other sites, never to be heard from again.

Usually, having the WRONG content can be traced back to….. “Secret # 3 Of a Profitable Website” – that’s tomorrow…

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