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Secret # 1 of a Profitable Website:

Really Try To Connect with Your Prospect… Genuinely… and Authentically!

boring-image-website-300wMost Business Owners believe that marketing means promoting themselves.
And although that is technically correct, how you go about that will determine how successful you are.

Every year, business all over the globe spend millions of dollars on colourful, beautiful and expensive websites that I call “graphically gorgeous”. Some of them are in fact very sexy websites.

These polished pieces are filled with clever lines that promise “quality”, “integrity” and “service”.

This type of website is based on “image” or “brand” advertising model. Image websites usually talk about how great the person or company is.

This “Corporate Style” of website provides no benefits to prospects, and gives them little or no reason to favour your service over others. Rarely do they actually produce any sizeable income.

Open any local newspaper and you’ll usually find plenty of advertising filled with businesses making the same empty and meaningless boasts:

  • “I’m # 1!” (Would you choose someone simply because they told you they were #1?)
  • “We Are The Biggest!” or “I Provide Great Service!”
  • “I Care About Your Business!”

What’s wrong with slogans like these? Several things….

  • they don’t give prospects any compelling reason to contact you over any other business(anyone can make the same claims)
  • there are no benefits for the prospect (What’s in it for them?)
  • they don’t tell a complete story
  • they don’t make a specific offer
  • they don’t include a call to action
  • they’re not measurable or trackable

These “image” ads and websites don’t make the phone ring. Why? Well, to begin with, “quality”, “integrity” and “service” mean different things to your prospects. These terms are too broad to be useful. Furthermore, everyone is saying the same vague old generalities.

Think about all the advertisements you are inundated with on a daily basis. Do you process all these advertisements? Or have you unconsciously (or consciously) devised a strategy to deal (or, more to the point, not deal) with all this advertising?

Of course you have. It’s called Tuning-out… Ignoring. The fact of the matter is… You can’t make anyone read what they’re NOT interested in.

It’s that simple. People don’t want to be sold to. But, they do want to be helped. Successful marketers understand that they must concentrate on a prospects’ needs and wants.

This kind of advertising is called Emotional Direct Response Marketing (or more commonly just Direct Response).

You genuinely actually and really need to connect with your prospect!

With effective direct response marketing, you offer people what they are dying to know, and then they contact you to get it. Done properly, this can totally eliminate cold call prospecting by providing incentives for qualified prospects to contact you of their own choosing.

Compare the following direct response style headlines with the previous ones:

smarter-websites-tick“Who Wants Wedding Photo’s That Will Last a Lifetime – Guaranteed?” – for a wedding photographer.

smarter-websites-tick“How To Get The Right Staff First Time Round With NO Stress” – for a recruitment specialist.

smarter-websites-tick“Secrets On How To Save Thousands Off Your Mortgage That the Banks Won’t Tell You About” – for a mortgage broker.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone needing these business’ or services.

Are these headlines likely to be more effective in getting you to pick up the phone and call that business than the image style boasts… of course they are.

Direct Response Marketing, by its very name is self-explanatory.

It is designed to get an immediate response, action, visit, call or purchasing decision from the viewer or reader. Direct response advertising directs people to action.

It compels readers, viewers, or listeners to contact you before they choose any other business.

Emotional Direct Response Marketing
is ideally suited for use on the Internet.

Why is this?

People love to use the Internet because it offers a non-threatening and hassle-free way to gather news, facts and advice.

They know they can visit your website without the pressure of talking to a sales representative or being sold. They know they won’t have to talk to anyone if they don’t want to. They can spend as much time as they want looking at information without feeling threatened.

Clearly, this is a double-edged sword. People know they can visit your site without the hassle of being contacted, but you want to talk to the real prospects.

The SOLUTION – use Direct Response Marketing techniques in your marketing and on your website.

The last thing people want to do is “raise their hand” so that a salesperson can contact them. In order to overcome the reluctance of being sold, you must give them a compelling reasons to contact you. With a direct response website, people will be compelled to leave their contact information behind in return for the free information or specialty service you will provide to them.

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