e-Lesson 5 in "7 Keys To a Profitable Website" e-Series. The Art of Prospect Qualification

e-Lesson 5 in “7 Keys To a Profitable Website” e-Series

The Art of Prospect Qualification

The pre-qualification starts the moment you get their details and they get your stuff or info. You know you’ve made some sort of “connection” and now you need to strengthen that connection and relationship.

This is the “Get  It Right or Lose Them” stage of new client qualification.

There are a few variables about how you “walk” your prospect through but the common denominator to success is trust. We help our clients craft their info in very specific way.

We NEVER do the hard sell bit but it’s not lame either. You need to build the relationship and have very clear steps on your process.

The last thing people want to do is “raise their hand” so that a salesperson can contact them straight off the bat. This system is a double-edged sword.

People know they can visit your site without the hassle of being contacted, but you want to talk to the real prospects. In order to overcome the reluctance of being sold to, you must continue to give them compelling reasons to contact you and leave you with as many contact details as possible.

One of the issues around getting peoples contact details online is that the more detail you ask for the less people put their hands up.

Let’s say you initially only ask for their name and email. If your site is generating fairly qualified traffic you may have a 25% opt in rate. As soon as you ask for an address or any extra information the opt-in rate will drop dramatically.

Now having only the email and name is sometimes sufficient but obviously you’ll only ever to be able to market to them via email.

By having a prospects phone number and even their address is fantastic, you can market to them in a many more ways.

We need to make this a “journey” for the client. It all starts with finding out their pain or problem as we discussed earlier. Then we need to find subsequent offers and points of relatedness.

We’ve devised systems for clients that make this a full sequence and at the end of the process they have all the client’s details down to a mobile number.

OK, let’s go back to the question – “Out of 100 visitors how many am I now able to market too?”

Can you see that the number is growing?

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