e-Lesson 1 - "7 Keys To a Profitable Website" e-Series. And that’s what your website “should be” – a "Marketing Machine".

e-Lesson 1 – “7 Keys To a Profitable Website” e-Series


This is the first of the “7 Keys To a Profitable Website” e-Series you asked for. Let’s get straight to it…

Being the best at what you do won’t make your business successful (or reach it’s full potential).

Being the best means nothing if very few people know about you. It’s all about being able to tell the world that you’re the best in a really clear, powerful and cost effective way.

  • The message needs to be very clear and powerful so that they make a decision and actually take an action to use you in the first place.
  • Obviously it also needs to be cost effective for you to be able to spin a good and healthy profit.

What will a website really do for you and your business?

A website will only help you if you think of it as a marketing tool. That’s all it is. You need to understand its exact role in your marketing toolbox.

So how specifically is a website going to help you to grow your business?

This is exactly where most people go wrong and they get advice from a “friend of a friend” or the old “I know a guy who’ll do a great job and cheap”.

They might even go to a professional web tech company. Look, they might be website people, God love them, but they are not marketers.

They are great at creating graphically gorgeous websites. They give them whirly things, graphics that flash or rotate and do all sorts of scrolly tricky stuff. Trouble is, graphically gorgeous websites are not necessarily marketing machines.

And that’s what your website “should be” – a “Marketing Machine”.

Your website is one part of the “front end” of your business and it needs to earn its keep. All the sexy “tricks” you can do with a website can’t be done with most other media but that doesn’t mean to say that it will make you any money. The bottom line is that a web site is an Advertising Medium! It’s no different in that regard than TV, newspapers, magazines, yellow pages, direct mail, business cards, brochures, etc.

They are all advertising mediums. The same rules of success apply. It has to not only pay its own way but also turn a healthy profit!

Decide right now that your website is going to be a money making marketing machine and not another piece of internet flotsam floating out there. Not another “online brochure” that the only person who makes anything from it is the website guy.

You probably get that we’re very passionate about this, right?

The next e-lesson will give you 3 functions that your website should do. If you tick a “no” to any of these then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

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