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Secret # 4 of a Profitable Website:

Failing to Effectively Promote Your Website Online.

promotewebsiteOnce your site is up and running, you’ll still have to promote it to create traffic. After all, what good is the ultimate site if nobody sees it? The process of promoting and refining your website to maximize the response rate is a never-ending battle littered with expensive pot-holes.

You will continually experiment – in an attempt to find something that works… anything that works… and you could be making costly mistakes along the way.

In the words of marketing super-guru Dan Kennedy,

“You can blow more money and waste more time with the Internet
than any other aspect of advertising or marketing I know of,
and even “smart people” are doing just that.”

Has your website developer given you a truly profitable Internet marketing plan? Do they regularly update you with insider secrets, with verifiable results that are making other business owners rich?

Listen, the “Internet” is VERY “Sexy”… Exciting… Appealing… It’s easy to hypnotize people with theories, ideas, techno-babble, and jazzy graphic websites.

Well, DON’T BE SEDUCED. Virtually everything I see Business Owners doing with so-called Internet strategies will ONLY make money for web developers, supposed adwords experts, flash graphics designers and nationwide marketers, NOT you… the Business Owner.

All the effective online promotion can be put into OVERDRIVE with the next BIG Secret # 4…

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Peter B Butler


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