Free Report: Marketing, Smart Lead Generation & Even Smarter Websites

Free Report: Marketing, Smart Lead Generation & Even Smarter Websites


WARNING: If You’re a Business Owner, reading this special report may be the most profitable thing you’ll EVER do!

How You Can Become the Dominant Business in your Marketplace Virtually Overnight…
Without Spending A Fortune,
Wasting Your Time,
Or Even Caring How It Works!


When You Know the “7 Secrets To a Profitable Website” It Becomes So Obvious “How To Generate Fresh Qualified Leads” That You Will Kick Yourself For Not Seeing It Earlier!

As a business owner you’ve probably been doing well during the recent boom years. But it’s a fast changing world and the economy is constantly fluctuating with it – you don’t need me to tell you that those “generous days” are starting to get tougher.

Although you may not realize it you’ve probably been an advertising victim along the way – running some ads here and a marketing campaign there and getting some reasonable results. If one campaign wasn’t a big winner that was OK because of the healthy economy of the past you had a safety buffer and it hasn’t caused you much pain… UNTIL NOW!

I’ve got Good News for you! The Big Boys with their Sloppy “Mass Advertising” Budgets are Hurting Too!

They just cover it better – but it’s all an illusion and rest assured – it is catching up to them – the “Secret Cancer” of the big name corporations with their seemingly endless resources are slowly being eroded and it’s left them in a weak and vulnerable position after even only the first winds of the recession storm have blown. But because of their size their death may be slow.

This is the perfect opportunity for you, the independent small to medium business owner to strengthen your position in the marketplace. But you do need to know this, the Independent Small to Medium Business can be slaughtered much faster by Not Really Knowing How To Systematically, efficiently and affordably “target” their ideal and “ready to act high value prospects and clients”.

This is where, with the right knowledge, you can get the edge over the big boys, big time! It’s like the story of David and Goliath. David was a lot more nimble on his feet and he was able to target his foe with pinpoint accuracy and triumph and it’s the same with you. As an independent business owner you’re able to test quicker, move quicker and respond quicker so you will come out on top, if you’re well informed.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself and realize that you need a better, more reliable, cost effective, systematic marketing and lead generating system then you are going to count this report as a life changing event.

In this special report you’ll learn:

smarter-websites-tickThe “7 Secrets To a Profitable Website” and the COSTLY MISTAKES that the vast majority of business owners make. Any one of these seven deadly sins could be costing you tens of thousands of dollars every year and you probably don’t even know it.

smarter-websites-tickHow to GUARANTEE that you’ll make at least an extra $50,000 (and in most cases many times this) in sales through your website within the next 12 months.

smarter-websites-tickHow you can capitilize on these uncertain times and regain control of your business and turn it into a Predictable “High Conversion” Numbers game.

smarter-websites-tickWhy most businesses’ ads, flyers and even direct mail pieces are a total waste of time and money and probably never get read and maybe even get thrown straight in the bin.

smarter-websites-tickThe SINGLE most important feature you NEED to have on your website and “How To Generate Fresh Qualified Leads on Auto Pilot” and why over 98% of businesses websites are a complete waste of time and money.

smarter-websites-tickHow you can get prospects to willingly and eagerly give you their contact details and have them search you out over every other business begging for you to handle their needs.

smarter-websites-tickHow to use the Internet to generate leads, qualify them and then convert them into paying clients with a Predictable and Auto Pilot and Dependable System… FAST.

smarter-websites-tickEVERYTHING you need to know to explode your Leads and Sales using proven and tested strategies without spending a fortune, wasting your time or even caring how it works.


From: Peter B Butler.

Dear Business Owner,

Now this may surprise you, but I am going to reveal these 7 Secrets of a Profitable Website and also How to Generate Fresh Qualified Leads on Auto Pilot to you right here in this letter. You’ll see that I reveal this and a whole lot more besides. No charge, no gimmicks, just a few minutes of your time.

The shocking truth…

My research has consistently shown that 98% of Business Owners are essentially throwing their money away on poorly designed, ineffective websites and mostly lame lead generation marketing.

READ THIS CAREFULLY – only 2%… that is 2 in 100 of the sites studied were likely to be effective in generating any new business. What are those 2% doing?

Well, for one, they are making a lot of money, each and every month by being smarter with their websites and marketing than the average business.

What would it be worth to you to gain an extra 5, 10 or even 20 deals each and every month, with little extra effort? $3,500? – $7,000? – $20,000? extra each and every month!

It won’t be long before some business owners, in your market, are making over $200,000 per year as a direct result of their websites alone.

Now, imagine what could happen to You if your competitors are in that 2%? What would your cash flow look like if you suddenly started losing five to six clients each month?

Can you really afford NOT to be doing this stuff right?

Hi, my name is Peter Butler and I’m a Lead Generation Specialist. I also design Direct Response Marketing websites for a living.

My real passion is Lead Generation techniques that bring prospects to your website to convert them into “highly qualified” clients but more on that later. I continually work with my clients to improve how they market and use the Internet in order to give them a very real and sustainable edge over their competition.

What I’ve discovered is that many Business Owners have been making the same mistakes… many of them costly… when they have tried to put their business onto the Internet.

This is even more apparent in today’s changing and turbulent times! Some business’s are doing it tough of late and most owners I talk to are feeling frustrated and even a little vulnerable right now. Some I speak with are feeling a little disenchanted with all the talk of recession and the uncertainty. So many changes going on in the world and within the economy itself which are all affecting their day to day business and life.

Before I even tell you one thing about how to become the dominant business in your area and set up your own auto pilot lead generation system you need one question answered.

Who am I and why should you even give me the time of day?

All you know is my name and hopefully that what I’ve said so far makes sense! But why the heck should you listen to me?

It’s a valid question! The short story version is results. The swag of results from the client raves on my websites speak for themselves but more importantly here’s how we brought this to so many business owners. I’ve been in retail for nearly 30 years and have sold everything from Kirby vacuum cleaners, how embarrassing, to managing a range of retail stores from tyre and exhaust centres, garden centres and then onto project management in property development which strangely enough led me into managing online retail and marketing products.

yellow_pages_ebookWith that exposure to the internet industry I took my experiences with successful business and developed and produced a series of sales and marketing systems for the retail sector.

I wrote the highly acclaimed “Yellow Pages Advertising Secrets” and also the “Salon and Spa Yellow Pages Advertising Secrets” promoted and sold by the Worldwide Salon Marketing group.

The results that business and salon owners have been achieving is fantastic. Some business owners are boasting $200,000 yearly increase in business as a direct result of getting their yellow pages ad right using this information while others had to “suck it up” with only $36,000 increase in business – gee, it’s tough for them! 😆

streetsmartretailprofitsThe “StreetSmart Retail Profits” marketing system was also my handiwork. This was a joint venture between Mal Emery and myself and was a major milestone in Retail Marketing Systems and certainly a labour of my passion for business owners and retailers.

The most comprehensive marketing system of its kind it comprised of 14 modules and stands as the most definitive marketing resource in Australia.It was even used as a platform for sections of the very high end coaching program run for members within Mal Emery’s Platinum Coaching Group.

So how did I end up helping business owner’s develop smarter lead generation systems?

I was approached by the Directors of the WorldWide Salon Marketing group to come on board and help with the coaching of their “Inner Circle” members.

My initial brief was to coach 120 salon owners and to help them manage their individually marketing.

So that’s what I did.

I coached these business owners, month after month, and the results were nothing short of astounding. Most doubled the turnover within 12 months, some a lot sooner.

“Million Dollar Inner Circle Coaching Program!”

Here’s where it got really interesting. The directors then approached me to manage the whole Million Dollar “Inner Circle” Coaching Program for the entire WorldWide Salon Marketing group.

My brief was to set up and implement an Outbound Coaching Call Program to their 400 strong membership. No easy task let me tell you. As I saw it I needed to systemise the program and create a congruency for the members but I still had to allow for the individuality of each member.

There were several challenges:

  • A way to streamline the induction process for new members so they would get ‘instant’ results and implementation be easy.
  • Set up a process by which the existing and experienced members would receive much greater benefits and results than they were currently getting.
  • A manageable way to bring on and train new coaches and still have the members receive consistent coaching.

Now, I’m not able to go into exact figures and results here, because of confidentiality and stuff but I think the following rave from Greg Milner, The Co Founder and CEO pretty well sums it up.

greg-milner-yellow-250hI can’t speak highly enough of Peter’s achievements in setting up and systemizing our client coaching system.

Peter’s work has meant we’re on track to deliver an ever-more efficient and valuable service to our hundreds of salon & spa clients around the world.

It was no small task!

Under-resourced and always under pressure, Peter got the job done with focus and application.

His work will always be appreciated.

Greg Milner – CEO Worldwide Salon Marketing

“From Zero to 4 Million Dollars In 4 Years!”

(Oh, why should what Greg Milner says matter? Like I said – he’s taken WorldWide Salon Marketing from start up – that’s zero dollars to 4 million dollars in sales in 4 years – kinda gives a little bit of credibility don’t you think!)

Needless to say, we’re talking serious money difference to the bottom line of all concerned. Big bucks in profits for everyone, me too.

  • The WorldWide Salon Marketing Directors were rapt ’cause the figures were way up.
  • The Salon Owners were absolutely over the moon. (by the way, there’s seriously big bucks in the salon industry – you’d be amazed at the dollars we’re looking at here)

Obviously my overall brief was to get results and the biggest buzz was the results we got for the business owners.

An Even Bigger Buzz Hearing Grown Adults Giggle!

Nothing beats hearing a grown adult giggle like a little kid when you help them implement a simple yet really powerful marketing strategy. That was the part I loved most of all!

Why Did I Love This the Most? You must have figured out by now that I’m a passionate person and I love what I do. If you hadn’t guessed that then think about this. My real passion is to share, to teach – it’s what I’ve always done. And I love systems… and systemising everything. (I do my wife’s head in on this let me tell you.) I love setting up processes and systems, then testing and measuring… and it’s all about the results.

3,823 Coaching Calls in 12 Months!

Over that 12 months I actually made 3,823 coaching calls. That is a lot of phone and coaching time. You certainly sharpen up the ‘marketing reflexes’ with that amount of coaching. (I didn’t deliberately count by the way, the recording program we used did that automatically.)

So here’s what happened next.

A real estate buddy of mine needed some help with his marketing. Gee, how surprising. 😆 We all know how sad real estate marketing is – you know, the old ‘Free Appraisal’ in your area type offer that has been done to death.

Not a lot new happening in real estate marketing is there? Anyway, we created this marketing campaign which we set up, tested and measured. For a first time test we were rapt, it worked really well and gave him a couple of qualified prospects which led to a deal, straight up.

The Long Story Made Short!

Long story short he introduced me to a mortgage broker and we repeated the same process. Mark was absolutely rapt.

mark-coonan-250-yellowThank you for the wonderful job you have done in putting together our website for LoanEasy.

Not only are we extremely happy with the look and functionality of the site but we are appreciative of the guidance regarding the marketing side of promoting our business.

Whilst putting our marketing plan together with you we have found you to be helpful, courteous and patient as well as open to our ideas whilst adding your experience to the marketing mix.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with you as we go forward.

Mark Coonan of LoanEasy, Attadale WA

Then a successful consultant approached me and that just opened up a whole new world to me. Here was a group of people who were in the main running successful businesses but didn’t have a broad enough throw with their marketing for business to be consistent.

And Cashflow is King!

And that can only be achieved with a predictable and easy to manage cost effective marketing system.

A colleague heard of the success we were having and referred a friend in recruitment who had spent an absolute fortune on websites and marketing with NO success, no leads and no money being generated. Within 2 weeks of reworking his site here’s what David had to say.

david-osborne-250-yellow-rhI’m extremely happy that after 8 years, $18,000 and 5 websites built by supposed ‘web experts’ you achieved what I required in one hit. Thank you so much.

Not only did it get built it record time but you really delivered the goods on my new sites functionality. I finally have a website that the search engines love but even better, people are finding it and I can use it to communicate with them.

I can actually build a real list because of the way you’ve set it up. I especially love how easy it is for me to write articles and ‘post’ them as I need to.

I also want to thank you for showing me how to use it so clearly and concisely. I appreciate the detail that you go to.

And a special thanks for keeping me up to speed with all the new web tricks and toys as they come online. I know this will all help me stay ahead of my competition.

David Osborne of Profitable Personnel

Through the thousands of coaching calls I’ve had with business owners I already knew that there was huge amount of potential clients and money being ‘lost’ with poorly designed websites and marketing systems. There was literally tens of thousands of dollars being lost each and every day in the internet “big black hole” and with “website flotsam” (crap websites that don’t make any money, actually, they don’t really serve any purpose at all).

All I needed to do was to take the last few years marketing and coaching experience and systemise it so that’s what we did. We developed a really powerful, clearly defined, systemised and well laid out marketing funnel and sales pipeline for attracting new clients.

The Power of being an Independent Business Owner!

It had to be an almost totally “done for you” system so that the small to medium business owners could just get on doing what they do. Being able to add another truly independent source of leads is a major boon for every business owner and really puts the power back into the the meaning of being an “independent” business owner.

My next client was introduced to me by an existing client who had become a colleague. James was working as a skills coach for a successful business but with all the uncertainty in the world he didn’t want to risk being caught out if business got grim. We reviewed what he wanted to achieve and went to work. Within two weeks James site was on page 1 in Google for his specific search terms, yippee!

Here’s what James had to say about that!

james-bryden-200-yellowListen in to this 3 minute audio as I interview James on the results on his brand spanking new website and the results he had within 14 days of his site being published for the first time, ever!

Click the link below to listen in. You can right click on the link to download and listen later if you like.


Peter B Butler with James Bryden.

Another two weeks after that, with NO offline marketing I might add, James had 2 qualified leads of which 1 converted into a paying client. And it was only early days for James yet! He needed to actually do some active marketing but already he was making money.

I caught up with James celebrating his new website and marketing system!

I was then approached by Tony. Tony had a worldwide audience and around 30 stiff competitors in quite a narrow niche business. He needed a unique way to set himself apart from the competition. The model we use was perfect and within only 2 weeks Tony was up and running with his new site, new online booking form system and spam free website (that had been a major problem too). A huge need Tony wanted to fill was how could we get his clients to help him build his business. That has to be the ultimate scenario right?

A way to get your clients top promote you to the rest of the world, that’s marketing on steroids – viral marketing! How did we do that?

That’s a big answer and a few different pieces to the masterpiece and I think Tony sums it up well.

tony-inman-2672Hi Peter,I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the work you have done so far on our Planet Inn website.

In today’s world it’s often hard to know who you can trust, especially when it comes to something as important as your business website, which is really the equivalent of the ‘shop window to the world’ of your company.

In my case I was particularly wary, having had a bad experience once before with a web designer, but having met you in person, I felt confident that you would do a good job for us.

Just to be on the safe side, I called a few people who knew you and they were gushing in their praise of your professionalism.

I am happy to report that I have been extremely impressed with the thoroughness of your approach to our website project, with your ability to listen to us – the clients, and to adapt and modify anything necessary to suit our unique needs.

(Huge rave section removed but you can see the full story on my website)

Anyway, once again thank you and keep up the great work. I’m really looking forward to working with you on our other website as well once we have fully evolved this one to the levels we have targeted together.

Best wishes,

Tony Inman of Club Red Pty Ltd. T/As :

Planet Inn – Backpackers Accommodation & Bar

I have story after story, share after share and result after result but we’d better get to the “7 Secrets Of a Profitable Website” soon.

The Other Big Black Hole For Most Businesses!

What else seemed to be lacking was the ability to respond to marketplace and world events. How quickly we can respond to these times can show either the strength or weakness in our “marketing funnel” which is our lead generation. This will obviously affect our “sales pipeline”.

This is where we can get the edge over the “big boys” in a very definitive way. We all need to be able to respond to, capitalize and leverage off these market place and world events, quickly and easily!

We All Need to Shore Up Our Business Like Never Before!

Can you see how adaptable this model is? I’ve gotta tell you, I’m having a ball ’cause I’m so passionate about this and doing something that works and makes such a difference for people is an absolute buzz.

At the moment the world is fearful and we need to get smart with our marketing strategies and income streams and shore up our business like never before. We all need to move quickly to strengthen our market position before our position is pulled out from under us.

It really is that crucial.

So, that’s enough about how we came to be doing this, let’s get to the core of the “7 Secrets To a Profitable Website” and “How To Generate Fresh Qualified Leads on Auto Pilot”.

Before going any further, you NEED to understand 3 things:

  1. A website can be an incredibly profitable tool in your business!
    You ABSOLUTELY NEED to have an EFFECTIVE one.
  2. The vast majority of business websites are a huge waste of time and money.
  3. You must have an clearly defined, cost effective and well planned Prospect Qualification Strategy.

Your website should be extremely profitable. However, if it isn’t developed, maintained and promoted correctly it can be a frustrating and costly venture.

Technology is already revolutionizing the world. It won’t be long until the top 2% of all Businesses will capture 98% of the business. You may become the proverbial “deer in the headlights” of your competitors if you are not effectively leveraging yourself with technology.

Keep in mind, the Internet is used primarily by middle and upper-class families with children – a prime demographic for Business Owners and their marketing. The vast majority of your target market are already “on the net”.

Secret # 1 of a Profitable Website:

Really Try To Connect with Your Prospect… Genuinely… and Authentically!

boring-image-website-300wMost Business Owners believe that marketing means promoting themselves. And although that is technically correct, how you go about that will determine how successful you are.

Every year, business all over the globe spend millions of dollars on colourful, beautiful and expensive websites that I call “graphically gorgeous”. Some of them are in fact very sexy websites.

These polished pieces are filled with clever lines that promise “quality”, “integrity” and “service”.

This type of website is based on “image” or “brand” advertising model. Image websites usually talk about how great the person or company is.

This “Corporate Style” of website provides no benefits to prospects, and gives them little or no reason to favour your service over others. Rarely do they actually produce any sizeable income.

Open any local newspaper and you’ll usually find plenty of advertising filled with businesses making the same empty and meaningless boasts:

  • “I’m # 1!” (Would you choose someone simply because they told you they were #1?)
  • “We Are The Biggest!” or “I Provide Great Service!”
  • “I Care About Your Business!”

What’s wrong with slogans like these? Several things….

  • they don’t give prospects any compelling reason to contact you over any other business(anyone can make the same claims)
  • there are no benefits for the prospect (What’s in it for them?)
  • they don’t tell a complete story
  • they don’t make a specific offer
  • they don’t include a call to action
  • they’re not measurable or trackable

These “image” ads and websites don’t make the phone ring. Why? Well, to begin with, “quality”, “integrity” and “service” mean different things to your prospects. These terms are too broad to be useful. Furthermore, everyone is saying the same vague old generalities.

Think about all the advertisements you are inundated with on a daily basis. Do you process all these advertisements? Or have you unconsciously (or consciously) devised a strategy to deal (or, more to the point, not deal) with all this advertising?

Of course you have. It’s called Tuning-out… Ignoring. The fact of the matter is… You can’t make anyone read what they’re NOT interested in.

It’s that simple. People don’t want to be sold to. But, they do want to be helped. Successful marketers understand that they must concentrate on a prospects’ needs and wants.

This kind of advertising is called Emotional Direct Response Marketing (or more commonly just Direct Response).

You genuinely actually and really need to connect with your prospect!

With effective direct response marketing, you offer people what they are dying to know, and then they contact you to get it. Done properly, this can totally eliminate cold call prospecting by providing incentives for qualified prospects to contact you of their own choosing.

Compare the following direct response style headlines with the previous ones:

smarter-websites-tick“Who Wants Wedding Photo’s That Will Last a Lifetime – Guaranteed?” – for a wedding photographer.

smarter-websites-tick“How To Get The Right Staff First Time Round With NO Stress” – for a recruitment specialist.

smarter-websites-tick“Secrets On How To Save Thousands Off Your Mortgage That the Banks Won’t Tell You About” – for a mortgage broker.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone needing these businesses.

Are these headlines likely to be more effective in getting you to pick up the phone and call that business than the image style boasts… of course they are.

Direct Response Marketing, by its very name is self-explanatory.

It is designed to get an immediate response, action, visit, call or purchasing decision from the viewer or reader. Direct response advertising directs people to action.

It compels readers, viewers, or listeners to contact you before they choose any other business.

Emotional Direct Response Marketing
is ideally suited for use on the Internet.

Why is this?

People love to use the Internet because it offers a non-threatening and hassle-free way to gather news, facts and advice.

They know they can visit your website without the pressure of talking to a sales representative or being sold. They know they won’t have to talk to anyone if they don’t want to. They can spend as much time as they want looking at information without feeling threatened.

Clearly, this is a double-edged sword. People know they can visit your site without the hassle of being contacted, but you want to talk to the real prospects.

The SOLUTION – use Direct Response Marketing techniques in your marketing and on your website.

The last thing people want to do is “raise their hand” so that a salesperson can contact them. In order to overcome the reluctance of being sold, you must give them a compelling reasons to contact you. With a direct response website, people will be compelled to leave their contact information behind in return for the free information or specialty service you will provide to them.

The next classic mistake reveals why…

Secret # 2 of a Profitable Website:

The Wrong Mindset with Websites and Marketing!

wrong-contentWhile clearly the biggest mistake that most businesses make is “image style” only marketing and websites with no meaningful or compelling content, there are many other mistakes that are made when it comes to website content.

We’ve all seen the websites with pages and pages on their site showing you the latest cool tools and all manner of information and products and packages. These “libraries”, while possibly useful to potential clients, removes any real incentive to contact the business owner to ask a question or make a time for a consultation.

Think for a moment…

After someone has visited and reviewed your website, what would you most like them to do?

Obviously, we would all like every site visitor to leave a message that says, “Loved your website… Please can I make a time to see you… “

While this is possible, it would surely be the exception, no matter how impressive your site is.

Identifying what your client really wants is much too complex a process to close the deal right on your website. Yet, this is exactly what most businesses try to do with their websites. They are trying to “hit a home run” instead of leading their clients to first and then helping them round the bases.

The first step in developing your website is to have a focused, achievable and quantifiable primary goal. What should your primary goal be? Here’s what I recommend…

“Get the MAXIMUM number of qualified clients
to identify themselves when they visit your website.”

With this in mind, we can now develop the right content for your site to achieve this goal. First, we must find a way to get qualified clients to identify themselves.

This can be done simply by providing a Compelling Offer for FREE information or report. A Great Offer!

For example, a FREE Report on “How To Get Over Procrastination Fast” if you’re a Life Coach or “Reduce Your Debt Years Sooner & What the Banks Don’t Want You To Know” if you’re a Mortgage Broker. But this information is provided only AFTER they have identified and qualified themselves.

What if you were in Staff Recruitment? You could go with “How To Get the Right Staff the First Time Round & Save Thousands”. What if you are a great wedding photographer and you know how easy it is to get a wedding shoot wrong – “Don’t Risk Your Prescious Wedding Memories – 7 Key Questions To Make Sure You Get the Right Photographer” and the list goes on.

Don’t think I can’t nail one for you, I can, but I’m sure you can too! I have found with so many people’s websites not being profitable that “7 Secrets To a Profitable Website” has worked well for me. I provide the answers to those issues which are a pain or a problem for people. That’s how you need to think about this process.

Now, if you contrast this model with the “broker library” type of sites. In an attempt to provide a site “rich in content”, the entire text of the report would be found on the website. Why would I contact the business owner when I can simply read the report on his website?

When I’m done, I will leave the site and move on. They will never know I was there!

Another common content mistake occurs when you see a collection of links to other websites “of interest”. In most cases these links simply suck away your hard earned traffic to other sites, never to be heard from again.

(Usually, having the WRONG content can be traced back to…..)

Secret # 3 of a Profitable Website:

Making Sure You Have the Right Website Developer.

nerd-250The vast majority of businesses website developers are technicians or graphic artists, NOT marketing experts. They spend far too much time and money developing a “cool-look” for your site, rather than presenting compelling benefits to your potential prospects.

They also invest a lot of effort linking to third party content (which usually will just bleed your traffic away), rather than working on new and better ways to ensure that visitors turn into prospects and ultimately into paying clients. If you get nothing else from this report, heed this:

WARNING: Unless your website developer really understands direct response marketing and how clients make a buying decision, don’t rely on him or her to write YOUR message or develop your site!

You might be thinking that getting on the Internet is a very daunting and expensive task. Well, it can be if you hire the wrong website developer. Mistakes can prove costly! But… if you can create a website that actually SELLS then the cost of a website may well be worth it.

On the other hand, while many businesses may pay too much money for a website that earns them next to nothing, others cheap out.

They hire a friend who builds websites “on the side”. Why is this bad? Well, for starters, is your friend an expert in selling? What does your friend know about marketing? Or selling on the Internet?

The next secret is a common ailment of knowing how to use the print media – being an “Advertising Victim”…

Secret # 4 of a Profitable Website:

Failing to Effectively Promote Your Website Online.

promotewebsiteOnce your site is up and running, you’ll still have to promote it to create traffic. After all, what good is the ultimate site if nobody sees it? The process of promoting and refining your website to maximize the response rate is a never-ending battle littered with expensive pot-holes.

You will continually experiment – in an attempt to find something that works… anything that works… and you could be making costly mistakes along the way.

In the words of marketing super-guru Dan Kennedy,

“You can blow more money and waste more time with the Internet
than any other aspect of advertising or marketing I know of,
and even “smart people” are doing just that.”

Has your website developer given you a truly profitable Internet marketing plan? Do they regularly update you with insider secrets, with verifiable results that are making other business owners rich?

Listen, the “Internet” is VERY “Sexy”… Exciting… Appealing… It’s easy to hypnotize people with theories, ideas, techno-babble, and jazzy graphic websites.

Well, DON’T BE SEDUCED. Virtually everything I see Business Owners doing with so-called Internet strategies will ONLY make money for web developers, supposed adwords experts, flash graphics designers and nationwide marketers, NOT you… the Business Owner.

All the effective online promotion can be put into Auto Pilot and OVERDRIVE with the next BIG secret…

Secret # 5 of a Profitable Website:

Using The Right Website Platform (and NOT using old web technology)

wordpress-27-shit-hot-300wSorry about the language in the picture but it’s true.

Here’s the thing – “People want to do business with people” and people are more skeptical than ever before. You’ll be amazed at the simplicity of this model and the breakthrough’s you’ll achieve online.

So what does using the “Right Website Platform” actually mean? For most business owners any talk of web platforms and web 2.0 sounds confusing and techy.

It’s actually the simplest thing in the world.

In ‘punter terms’ the right website platform means we use a blogging platform that the Google Gods love and so will your prospects.

Using a blogging platform means that when new content is added to your website it ‘pings’ (sends out a message) to let the whole world know that your site has new content. Sometimes it’s mere minutes but at the most it’s hours compared to weeks or months for the old web technology.

This means that the Google Gods will smile upon you with great favour.

Effectively your site will rank higher, it will be found easier which will lead to more traffic, more leads and better conversions to paying clients.

It also means your website content is relevant and can be kept up to date in mere minutes. You can actually update your site nearly as easy as sending an email or writing and saving a word document.

WordPress (the name of the blogging platform) has been around for a while so it’s not “flash in the pan” and when you see how we personally customise and optimize your site it will be abundantly clear how easily you will draw new prospects and clients like bees to a honey pot.

More than that, your guaranteed to get your existing clients coming back over and over again. We have a few tricks up our sleeve too with strategies that will mean your clients will become a giant online referring machine for your business, while you sleep, but more on that later.

Maybe you’re pretty happy with your current website, except it just doesn’t make you much money and it just needs a tweak or three – we do lot’s of that along with converting websites over to the new platform.

This is where we are true leaders as you can read in our testimonials…

Secret # 6 of a Profitable Website:

Failing to Have a Clear “Offline To Online” Marketing Strategy.

dart-board-250-lMost business owners seem to have the “build it and they will come” attitude. The thinking is “I’m on the net so where’s all the leads and the clients and where’s the money?”

A lot of owners quickly become disillusioned and think this website and “internet” thing is all hype and hot air. I can’t blame them. It can be a dead duck if you don’t have an effective and precise plan to bring people to your site.

Again, business owners can get caught up with the fancy tech talk of SEO (search engine optimisation) and On and Off Page Elements and Linking Strategies, Back Links, 3 Way Links, Adwords and Video and the tech jibberish goes on and on.

ALL OF WHICH ARE VALID and need to happen I might add!

However, even when all the planets align and all these elements are in play most people forget one of the best means of getting online traffic is offline marketing. Yep, do all the online stuff, of course, but why not tap into a hugely untapped source of offline prospects?

What does “offline” marketing mean? Running ads and flyers is the most cost effective way to market and we have some strategies that will double or triple your response rates. Other “offline” marketing includes anything that is not on the internet so that might be any print media, radio, referral programs, direct mail, etc.

This will give you a distinct competitive advantage over every other business.

We have some incredibly simple yet so effective marketing pieces
that will generate a truckload of traffic
to your site
that are just so cheap to run.

With a very specific marketing piece you will even “pre-qualify” these prospects before they even get to your website and then final qualification process takes place.

What a beautiful thing! Pre-qualified and Pre-disposed prospects, it doesn’t get any better than that!

The next secret is so obvious yet is the most neglected of all…

Secret # 7 of a Profitable Website:

Failing To Continually Test and Measure Your Marketing and Your Website.

measure-and-testThere are literally millions of decisions that go into creating marketing pieces and websites. Admittedly some are much more important than others.

First, you want to quantify your decisions.

Simply ask yourself, “Will doing it this way maximize the number of qualified leads who will identify themselves to me?”

Every decision about your marketing pieces and the design of your website — from the headline to the color and graphics to your content — can be measured against your primary goal.

(Get the maximum number of qualified buyers to identify themselves when they visit my website.)

It’s the same with your marketing ads and flyers. You can directly measure the response to those marketing pieces by the visitors to your site. You can then take it one step further and compare the visitors to your site to the actual opt-in rate for the Free Report or information.

Because the goal is quantifiable, you can test any changes to see if they produce better or worse results. Based on your tracked results, you can either keep the changes or fine tune your on or offline marketing.

Remember our core question: Out of 100 visitors to your website how many are you now able to market too?

The real beauty of direct response marketing is that it allows you to test whether changes have improved the effectiveness of your marketing piece or your website or not – provided that you have built in the statistical tools needed to track the effectiveness of your modifications.

By now it shouldn’t surprise you that most marketing… or results are NEVER tested.

If you can combine direct response marketing and continual refinement through testing and tracking with the most empowering communication medium of our time, you’ve got the ultimate Smarter Websites $$$ Million Dollar Marketing Machine.

How big a difference can this make?

calculator-300hLet’s say your site gets just 50 visitors each month (this is easily achievable with a minimum of promotion). If your site doesn’t use direct response methods, you’ll be very lucky to get one prospect a month to identify themselves.

Compare this with a site that uses the best direct response techniques – multiple compelling benefits, powerful headlines, non-wimpy specific testimonials, carefully worded copy and strong guarantees.

With this type of site, the response rate can reach as high as 25% (conservatively, let’s say ten additional prospects per month).

If you convert just four of these extra prospects and your average client yearly spend is say, $1,000 you’ve just increased your yearly revenue by $52,000 – on auto pilot!

That was easy!

And you would have to agree these are very conservative numbers!

Remember, your prospect has responded to a specific marketing piece which has given you their name and contact information and that is Secret # 7!

BONUS! Secret # 8 of a Profitable Website:

Your Automated Response and Follow Up!

Your automated system has done the initial follow up marketing and you’re now able to address their specific needs.

Compare that to your old system… you probably would never have got their name and contact details in the first place and the percentage of how many would have contacted you directly is debatable.

As we’ll see in a few moments, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve taken your website traffic from “unknown visitors” to “identified prospects”.

That in itself is huge but it gets better.

You’ve started that prospect relationship with them and also increased your conversion from prospect to paying client using our steps. By improving the odds of them taking an action and spending money with you your cashflow has improved but the reality is that not everyone is ready to move right now.

Maybe they’re a planner and doing their homework well in advance, maybe their setting up a budget. There’ll be a myriad reasons, we just don’t know and can’t account for them all.

The point is this – you don’t know for sure when they’ll be ready and that in itself should confirm the power of this system.

If you think for a moment that they’ll remember you when they are ready – you’re dreaming! You need to foster that relationship so when they are ready you will be the one they come to. And we’ll show very simple and powerful ways to do that but here’s another major point of why getting their details in the first place is so important.

cash-in-hand-lhThe Big Money Is In the List!

I was talking to a client myself only last week. He was a photographer and had been since he was 15, so at 58 he’d been in business 43 years. He’d been fairly successful but obviously had enough issues to be talking to me.

I suggested we create a great value add package and do a direct mail offer to his client database. “No can do” he said, “don’t have one”. After all these years he had not been building a database of clients and had basically been going from one job or project to the next.

The first part of value in any persons business is in their list, their clients, the “goodwill” component. This would have been the easiest and quickest way for him to create a cash injection into his business. Not having that has cost him dearly. If that’s you… don’t despair, there are work arounds but that’s for another session.

Not only is having a healthy client base a necessity but in today’s world the second part of value in business is in the systems you’ve set up. Your processes.

The third part of value is in your marketing systems. Because he didn’t have any of the three elements effectively he didn’t have a business but had a reasonably well paid job, albeit sporadic. That’s not to say he wasn’t successful, he was a very good photographer but he was limiting the full potential he had.

The End Game In Our Business Should Be A Cashed Up Asset!

The trouble is he hadn’t been building an assett and let’s face it – that should be the end game goal.

Why did we get into business in the first place? Independence, be your own boss, make good money, work the hours you want and for the forward thinkers with an exit strategy, use it to fund our retirement in some form or another.

You might sell out or get it managed, either way you need it running like a well oiled machine.

See, let’s say I’m a potential buyer, I don’t want to just buy your business or list but I want all 3 – the clients, the systems and the marketing systems. I don’t want to buy a job, I want a business that is organised, a machine.

BUT, in order to get these results and achieve these goals your website and marketing needs to well integrated and structured and above all else, it has to work in the most effective manner and that means it has to make use of direct response marketing! Every page must be loaded with offers and incentives. A headline that passes the “who cares” test. Big promises! Big guarantees! Meaty testimonials! And a call to action!

At this point, I’m sure you’ve got a ton of questions… “How expensive is all this technology?”… “How do I know what to put on my website to help me generate qualified leads?”… “Isn’t this going to be a lot of work — I barely have enough time in the day now?” In short…

“How do I develop a GREAT website and make a TON OF CASH,
without wasting a ton of money,
and still have a life with my family?”

great-websiteThere has to be a better way… You need to end up with more than just an expensive, internet business card. You need a quick, easy and proven solution that will make you money, without making a big dent in your wallet. You need to remove all of your risk and uncertainty.

And most of all, you need to AVOID the most common and costly mistakes that most Business Owners make on the Internet.

What is the next step?

To find out how your website and marketing stacks up as it is NOW. It’s that simple!

Don’t you want to know what needs fixing and how? You may have only one or two elements that need sharpening so this way you’ll find out what they are and can deal with it. For others you may have a few more points that need addressing and you can go to work and deal with these. Yet for some businesses it might mean a complete makeover. The “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” will drill straight to the core of your website and marketing issues which is great.

The only way you’re going to find out the specifics of how your website and marketing stacks up is to click on the link below.

Act now and go to the“17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350!

Is Your Current Website Making You BIG Money?

Maybe you think this isn’t for you because you’ve already got a website.

  • Does it use proven Direct Response techniques?
  • Does it give visitors a reason to contact you?
  • Does it create an ongoing stream of highly qualified prospects?
  • Can people find it?
  • Does it contribute effectively to your bottom line?
  • Are you able to keep the content on your site current and useful for your clients?

Chances are that you have answered NO to at least one of these critical questions.

One thing is for sure, however, is that once you’ve done the “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” you’ll know exactly what you need to do so the answer to all of these questions will be YES! and here’s how you can find out the answers to your questions.

Get the FREE “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350! There is No Obligation and it will give you a clarity with marketing funnels and sales pipelines that you would otherwise never know.

Why Would I Give Away This “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350 for Absolutely Nothing?

It really is a numbers game and a win win situation.

Some people will pick up a pointer and others will pay to have the problems fixed!

I get to help some people which I enjoy and other people will need help and that’s where my market is.

When you actually help people it’s a great feeling and I know from experience that some people just want the problem fixed and are prepared to pay for that so I know I’m safe. It’s like the proverbial “Reap and Sow” principle or “What goes around comes around”. So far this model has worked really well for me. I get to drill down into a lot of different style websites, talk with a few people and make a difference in most.

It’s a tough slog being an independent business owner so I know exactly where most people are at! You’re probably so busy working “In Your Business To Work On Your Business” so stop trying to do it all. I said “Stop It”.

Whether you think all this suits you or not, just so you know… your Results are Guaranteed!

Before you even think I’m trying to “sell” you… consider this. I really don’t have time to try and convince you either way. I have too many people who do need the help to do the “Big Sell”. I’m simply sharing that we do guarantee our work just for the record.

guaranteeYour 100% Money Back “Risk Is On Me” Guarantee…

You’ll love what the “Smarter Websites” System will do for your business.

In fact, we guarantee it… … or You Get Your Money Back. It really is that simple.

*Double Your Money Guarantee!* If after 12 months you have not made at least 2 times your investment in from leads, new business or repeat business made through your new “Smarter Websites” system then we will refund every cent of the cost.

This is a straight out you make money or we give it all back deal. We can’t be any fairer than that… You either make money from the “Smarter Websites” system or it costs you NOTHING.

Obviously you need to show us that you were actually *pro-active* with your offline marketing but surely you will have been anyway. You need to do something to get a result, right? We’ll even take down the site and all the material in a jiff at no cost to you.

We can’t be fairer than that! This really is a “You Make Money or None of Us Do” deal! There is no risk to you whatsoever! You either make money from the “Smarter Websites” system or it costs you NOTHING!

Will any other Marketer or Website provider guarantee the success of your website to this degree, double your money? I don’t think so! Will they stand behind not only their product, but the results you’ll get to experience from it. We will, and WE DO!

But just so you know, IF this fits for you then you’ve covered your butt anyway because you know it HAS to perform… or it all comes back to you!

I can’t think of any logical reason why you wouldn’t want to find out your results with our No Obligation Free“17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350!

Bottom line… We’re taking all the risk. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

BONUS! Secret # 9 of a Profitable Website:

Failing To Act When Opportunity Knocks!

Many people get left behind because they don’t seize an opportunity when it presents itself to them. Procrastination kills. You now hold in your hands the opportunity of a lifetime – the chance to completely revolutionize the way you run your business – to exponentially multiply your leads and your lead to client conversions, and work less while doing it!

How much is that worth to you, your family, your life? And the best part is that this opportunity is totally guaranteed! All you have to do is say “maybe this is meant to be” …and take the next step with the No Obligation “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!”

stopSomething You Need To Know!

I don’t say yes to every client who does need a rebuild.

Let’s be real – there are people in life who are just not easy to work with, right? I’m sure you’ve had them as clients and I’m sure you’re the same as me here – if you had a choice in those circumstances again you wouldn’t work with them.

Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t right?

I don’t always choose to follow through with an application or client. I don’t want to appear arrogant and call me selfish but but I only want to work with people who are like minded. I want a simple life and I want this to work for both parties and working with people who are like minded guarantees that.

This is about being open minded, taking actions and Getting Results.

Here’s a check for you – if you can relate to the above statements then there’s a good chance we’re on the same page and we’ll implement this well together and your new marketing machine will come together like clockwork.

If it got right up your nose then there’s a chance the stars may not align for us but it’s still worth getting the Free “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” otherwise you’ll just never know.

What I know for sure is this – none of us really want to complicate life, it can be hard enough without adding other complexities so if what you’re after is a simple step by step system that will generate “highly qualified leads” on a predictable and consistent basis then you really do owe it to yourself to check this out.

So here’s the deal – If what you’ve read so far resonates with you then you need to take an action.

What action?

Click this link – “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350! There is No Obligation whatsoever.

“Money for Nothing!”

Here’s the “Worst Case Scenario” of doing the “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!”

You might pick up only one marketing gem that will help you pull say… only one extra deal a month… What’s that worth to you in a year? $10,000… $20,000.

After nearly 4,000 conversations about marketing you’d think that I’d at least be able to impart at least one gem.

Geez, you’d hope so… right! So where does that leave you and where will you go from here?

Here’s a straightforward question for you…

Are you happy where you are now in your business right now?

If your answer is no or perhaps you erred on the ‘safe’ answer of maybe – If you seriously want to make more money in your business then you need to change something – anything.

It’s the old ‘definition of insanity – “Do the same thing and yet expect a different result”. Change something and at least find out how it all works so you can at least make an informed decision of whether it fits… or not.

As Victor Kiam, CEO of Remington said “Procrastination is Opportunity’s Natural Assassin”.
Don’t put this off for even one second.


I do have a caveat though.

We have to limit the number of “Smarter Websites” Systems that we handle each month.

You see… a lot of time and effort goes into creating these websites and the marketing that drives them and we expect to be overwhelmed with Smart Business Owners wanting to take up this offer.

At this stage we’re limiting this to 3 packages each month…once they’re gone, they’re gone.

I can literally handle only 3 new members per month so don’t hold off on getting your “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” in. Just fill it out and get it in IMMEDIATELY! Because of our high level of fanatical ongoing support and the attention to detail that we take to get our members started including our one on one phone coaching we really can only take on 3 members each month so it’s first in best dressed. Don’t miss out!

So if you’re TRULY Serious about becoming the Dominant Internet Business Owner in your Marketplace you MUST take ACTION Now!

If you want to fast track to see where you stand or simply to find out more or just speak to me then just get the “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” done.

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What happened the last time you hesitated on what seemed like an awesome opportunity and yet you didn’t grab it when you should or could have?

Did You Win… or Did You Miss Out as a result of that hesitation?

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PPPS:Remember our “Catch Cry” or Point of Difference is…

Finally: An Automated Marketing System & Website Platform That…

smarter-websites-tickSystematically Generates Fresh Leads.

smarter-websites-tickAutomatically Qualifies Leads & Prospects into Clients.

smarter-websites-tickPredictably & Easily Makes You Much More Money!

& You Control It!

All Those In Favour Of That Say ‘AYE’!

And I think that’s a fair statement. It’s what we do and if you don’t say ‘AYE’ to that then obviously you have some great referral and lead generating systems in place and that’s great. I’ll leave you to your business and I genuinely wish you all the best.

If you do say ‘AYE’ then you really do owe it to yourself to check out what we have. It’s that simple.

So that’s why I do this the way I do. Here’s my take.

This model or system either fits or it doesn’t. You either have a need or you don’t. If you did said ‘AYE’ then obviously there is a need at some level and you need to be honest with yourself about that..

So what can you do about that right now?

Find out exactly where you stand in the marketplace with your marketing, lead generation and website.

Take our Totally Obligation Free “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!” valued at $350!

It really is that simple! Hey, maybe you’ve got it half right already and you only need some tweaking to change the results you’re getting but you’ll never know until you do the “17 Point Marketing & Website Prosperity Check!”